Sustainability and resilience

For over eight years, I’ve been designing and developing technical tools to support community engagement, web publishing, and business practices.  The building process necessarily involves deep listening, communication strategy, relationship building, and clarity of purpose–along with a great deal of record keeping and code.  Looking ahead, I want my work to focus on the quality and usefulness of what we’re communicating with technology.  And the ways we can build leadership capacity on a team through the development process.

This shift in professional focus from code to communication and capacity building is really inspired by a growing, personal interest in sustainability and resilience.  What are the social structures and relationships that help us turn toward more sustainable ways of life?  What language helps us imagine a just and regenerative future?  What quality of listening expands our awareness and creative capacity to respond to the challenges of our time?  Firmly grounded in technical knowledge and an understanding of technical systems, questions like these are informing, motivating, and shaping the kind of work I do from here.